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Making your own bait

A lot of you are asking about the Lone Angler bait range and how to make your own paste and boilies. It is vital to measure out your ingredients accurately each and every time. Consistency is the golden rule. It’s OK to experiment with stronger or weaker mixes, stiffer or looser pastes but get used to all the ingredients first before you experiment. The key to a good bait is the quality of the base mix and you can be assured that the Lone Angler base mix powders are made with the very best High Nutritious Value (HNV) ingredients and formulated with great care and attention. They will work all season long and in all conditions.

Recommended dose rates for Sausage Sizzle and Ocean Pride should be determined by the number of eggs. As a rule of thumb use 1ml of flavour and half a tea spoon of the appropriate Glupe (which is a food source and liquid attractor ) per large egg. This can be used for making paste or boilies for freebies and hook baits. A little less flavour is recommended in batches of bait that is only to be used as free offerings. So perhaps 2ml of flavour to 3 large eggs and one teaspoon of glupe will make a less powerful finished bait for pre-baiting or longer term use - and I recommend this tactic. You will find it best to add the liquids and eggs into a bowl and mix then add the appropriate Lone Angler base mix to the consistency that you prefer. Be careful the flavours are not diluted in anyway and are very powerful – so please do not guess, measure it out and use a syringe to do so!

A separate one-egg mix for dedicated hook baits can be made very quickly and easiely with a higher level of flavour and additive if desired and this is my preferred method. It is the number and size of eggs used that will govern the flavour and additive leakage rates. So always use fresh eggs by size and number to determine the actual recipe used and this way there can never be a mistake and the paste or boiies will smell and taste the same every time.

Boilies or ‘chop-up’s’ can be made quickly by rolling the paste into long  sausages around the thickness of an index finger and then cut them into cylinder shapes with a sharp knife. Boil the pieces in water (just like pasta), for between 60 - 90 seconds. The longer you boil - the harder the boilie. Dry the finished bait on a wire rack for 6-8 hours and then freeze or use as desired. Get used to making small batches of bait first. The feel and texture of the finished bait will come right after a few goes at it. Fresh bait instills huge confidence and it also means that you are in control of your own recipe…it’s a bit like tying your own flies for trout.

1) Homemade paste is best used fresh and will last for approximately 3 days in warm weather.
2) when storing, ideally keep refrigerated in a sealed bag or wrapped in cling film.
3) Once made, paste or boilies can be frozen in batches for use as required.
4) Frozen bait should be used within 6 months max.

We hope this helps and puts you on the road to making your own baits.
There are infinite possibilities and you can add your own secret ingredients too  - it’s all part of the fun!


Sausage Sizzle Liquid Flavour

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